Product Design

As part of the product development process, we add internal and external competences in an agile and quick manner in order to realize completely new products.

Our main focus is on four pillars:

  • Security through clear analysis and documentation
  • Use of networks to integrate modern product solutions
  • Consistency of customer / product requirements
  • Full scalability in later manufacture

Concept development

We offer comprehensive solutions in concept development:

  • We specify and document customer requirements
  • We create a wide variety of concepts – with our customers or independently
  • We evaluate solution approaches with clear focus on technical feasibility as well as costs and risks

From Development to series production

We offer comprehensive, agile solutions to keep the time frame until product launch as short as possible. Our main aim is decrease the iterations until the start of series production as follows:

  • Checking the development progress at shorter intervals
  • Procedures are being reviewed iteratively and if necessary adjusted within an agile setting
  • Continuous alignment with all responsible interface partners

The design is beeing flexibly planned in order to quickly respond and adjust to changes in customer / production requirements. If required, we also take after sales, CO2 footprint and reairability into conderation.

Design verification

We create and implement a comprehensive design verification ensuring future product property targets in all develpment stages. We use various methods of verification – from simulations to real tests – are taken into account. Additionally we are offering analysis regarding potential optimization.